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Heartful Nutrition



Image by Nathan Dumlao

Nutrition is science, but it does not have to be complicated.


Ale is studying continuously, to break down the vast knowledge into digestible bits of information. His mission is, to help people establish a healthy lifestyle despite busy schedules, without being dogmatic or complicated. He will provide you with the necessary tools to live healthier and support your body during cleaning processes. 


He is keen to accompany people to transition from poor eating behaviours, and energy-draining lifestyles to balanced health, empowering body and mind -

not only with nutrition but with real food for the soul.


Maybe the fact, that instead of being a professor in biochemistry, but humbly reading through hundreds of books, articles, and doing self-experiments, making his own food medicine, including Kombucha, fermented foods, herbal teas, vegan cheeses, raw creations of all kinds, and so forth, makes him this authentic, empathetic companion when it comes to changing your relationship to your body, and your general lifestyle.


Be inspired to nourish yourself from the heart.

Full Health and Happiness is something innate to the Human Being. Ale is not bringing you any innovative method, he has not developed any fancy 5 step plan to crack your health. He sees himself simply as a channel to rediscover nature-based diet. Reclaiming control, re-adapting to the cyclic, and general timing of our wonderful body.


Health is innate to us. Sickness has obviously a bad reputation, but if we are able to change the perspective, we can realise, that symptoms are pointers to imbalances. Imagine a car, when a red lamp is flashing, we know, something is wrong. By appreciating and reading those signals, we can collaborate with our own system to feel better, and initiate changes, rather than ignoring or just covering symptoms. That's why it is important to start reviewing how we are dealing with these situations, and how we react when our body is actually humbly giving us advice that something is wrong.


We are perfect human machines that came to live always from Health and Happiness. Of course, unforeseen events or problems may arise. However, by making the conscious decision, what food we eat 3 times a day, we have an immense power to influence our general well-being and work towards a balanced, healthy body. 


By claiming the power over our daily (eating) habits as well as for deciding what we put on our skin, or what kind of medicine we take, we will be most likely generating vital energy that will give us support in any tricky situation we might be facing on the way. Problems usually occur or manifest in the body due to a lack of that vital energy to fight any upcoming challenges for the body.

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