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we are heartful.

Women Holding Hands

Our Mission


We are on a quest to live a life from the heart, and we invite you to be part of our circle. Together, we create movement and moments from within,  hold space for each other's growth with lots of love, and support. We are gathering to share, smile, sing, eat, connect, heal, and expand. 


We are all capable of healing ourselves when we live from the heart, and recognise mother earth as our very source of health. As part of this earth, we are humbly acting as channels to pass on to each other what we experienced ourselves, so each of us can begin our very personal and individual healing process. The tools we received on our own path are opportunities for the one who is willing to take responsibility for their individual quest. 


We love to share, we like to connect, and we love to hear your stories. We would love to learn from you, your ways of living, your ideas to show up every day in this beautiful theatre called life. We are here to share what moves us: in general and through certain situations in life. We share what helps us maintain our beautiful vehicle on this planet, our body, and to keep it as thriving, and happy as we possibly can. However, we haven’t found the holy grail, and we won’t sell you the idea of it either. We are human beings like you, craving for heartful connections and joyful experience on this planet.


Let us explore together.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why heartful?

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The key to self healing.

What we eat is essential to our health and general well-being


we are here to connect and relate to each other in order to learn about ourselves. Join the  heartful movement

Yoga & Meditation

Different practices of movement, breathing techniques, and meditation support our process towards a healthier life.


Healing happens when we acknowledge, accept and take responsibility for our life. We have the power over our bodies, our beliefs, and our decisions. Let´s find the courage to create a healthy and sustainable life.


We are made to move. Let´s re-explore the body through movement practices like yoga & dancing.


Let´s not forget that we are here to celebrate :)

"Let´s co-create a vibrational community”

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